What would you say to a friend?

"Do it, look after yourself."

Be your own best friend and look after yourself for a change.

Helping adults and teens with anxiety and panic.

* Cancellation policy applies

Helping you find the root cause of your anxiety and overthinking.

Tammy Rolfe

Anxiety and panic therapist for fast solutions to unwanted emotions and behaviours on the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire borders In Iver Heath. Qualified Anxiety Specialist, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline practitioner for adults, teens and families.


Is anxiety or overthinking ruining your life? 

Download my quick and easy guide to help you take back control today.

Quick results to free you from worry.

 I help worn-out, overthinking and emotionally exhausted people regain control. Whether you are drowning in negative thought patterns, experiencing the uncomfortable feelings of anxiety attacks or feel it is finally time to start looking after yourself too, I am here. 

Giving you logical answers to an illogical experience so you can make sense of your anxiety and stop it for good.

You may be thinking that you can't be helped, I understand, I thought that once too. Maybe you are nervous to let go of your anxiety because who will you be without it?

Change can be scary, so if you can't do it for yourself, do it for those around you. 

Looking after yourself is a necessity for you and your loved ones too, so that everyone can enjoy the best version of you. It's time to stop anxiety and negative thinking controlling your life and relationships. I'm here to help and stop the worry, for good.

Start your journey to a happier life with a complimentary call today.

Continue your journey with in person session at my treatment room in Iver Heath or remote sessions online via Zoom.

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My first words to Tammy were "I doubt if you will be able to help me." I was so wrong!

I am now in control of my thoughts and able to look internally to how I am feeling, instead of my anxiety getting the better of me.

I'm so pleased she was recommended to me via a friend, best thing I could have done. Thanks Tammy x

- April 2024

"You should be on the NHS"

"The anxiety? Oh, that's gone, yeah, that's all fine."

"I'm happy, that's big."

"I feel like I have got myself back, and I hadn't felt like myself in such a long time."

- Jan - June 2024

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Fast results to help you achieve your goals.

Find relief from phobias, support for children and families and relaxation for your mind.

Moving on from Anxiety

Know your mental health is in safe hands with Tammy, a specialist in anxiety and panic and a qualified life coach, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapist.

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Support for Children & Teens.

It can be mentally and physically exhausting to care for a child who is struggling with anxiety. How much do you push them? Are you doing the right thing? Help is at hand with my parents support guide. Get your 7 free tips today.

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Facial Therapy

Caring for your body and mind through facials. Either lay back and relax or talk over any worries or concerns in a safe and confidential space. Now includes hypnotherapy facials and anxiety relief for tense muscles.

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Timeline Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Timeline is a unique way of clearing up old past negative emotions and beliefs about yourself that are holding you back. Perfect for someone who is not experiencing anxiety but wants to move forward in life. Great for red flag addicts, extra confidence, or moving up in your career.

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Talk Therapy for Panic, Anxiety or Excessive worry. 

Treatment for body and mind

1-1 Therapy Sessions

If you feel ready to tackle your anxiety or excessive worry head-on (which doesn't mean you feel confident about it, just ready) then this is for you. Get faster results and leave worry and panic behind you.

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Help your child

It can be awful to watch your child suffer from anxiety, overthinking or low confidence. I work with teens from 12 upwards who are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks, but if your child is younger you can still get support via my online parent course.

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Positive Mental Health for your Treatment Room

As technicians, we are often told about the most intimate aspects of a client's life. You are safe enough to share but not too close to risk telling those involved. But how do you cope with the privilege and the stress of being in charge of such vital information?

Do you know how to protect yourself?

Do you know what advice to share?

Would you love to know you are doing and saying the right thing to really support your clients with their inner happiness and outer joy?

The Technicians Guide to Therapy will be available soon.

This short course will give you the confidence to know you are acting in the right way for your client's best mental health, whilst also protecting yourself from taking it all on your shoulders.

Hey there!


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As someone who has been there and done that, there is nothing you can say to me that will "sound silly", I really do get it.

I had days when I couldn't leave the house, days when I had to, and then had panic attacks, and days when I wondered if it was really worth the struggle.

Thankfully I'm a stubbornly determined moo and I had days when I knew I could find a way!

I have a wealth of knowledge and a huge passion for supporting people and ensuring that you can live a fulfilling life with no regrets.

It takes courage to ask for support, but it also takes courage to live with anxiety on a daily basis, so I know you are strong enough

What would you say to a friend?

"Go on, look after yourself."

Be your own best friend and take your own advice for a change.


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*Cancellation Policy

A non-refundable payment will be taken at the time of booking to secure your spot. Your appointment can be moved up to 48 hours beforehand, but if cancelled after that it will be classed as a used space and payment kept.

In the case of pre-paid courses, any missed or cancelled appointment within 48 hours will result in that session being lost.

This policy is there for you as well as me. Putting your needs first can be incredibly hard and it is easy to back out or put someone else first.

Hopefully, knowing you will lose money may be enough for you to prioritise yourself or give you a good reason to say no to others if they want your time.

To change your appointment before the 48 hours simply message me directly and I'll be happy to help.

You may message me at any point to request a change of time on your appointment day or bring it forward, If I can accommodate you I will.

Workplace Mental Health

If you are looking for group courses or sessions within the workplace on anxiety, panic, stress or confidence, please get in touch.