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Timeline & Hypnotherapy

Working with the unconscious mind to release old built-up negative emotions means you can feel better faster. Timeline is a form of hypnotherapy and are often used together during my sessions. 

Suitable for 12 years plus. For younger children, you may wish to look for an 'Ollie Coach'.

Quiet and professional setting

Choice of sitting or laying

Available for adults or teens 

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I personally believe Timeline Therapy is benefical for everyone, but more so if you feel old trauma or old emotions are holding you back in life.

If you are not sure if Timeline or Hypnotherapy would be good for you, simply book a free consultation and we can go from there.

How it works...

Book your initial appointment or text for a time for a quick chat. 

 Once we have established if Timeline would be right for you you will be asked to book in for your first session.

This session is when we get to the details of what you would like to achieve or get rid of, however, you want to look at it.

We do not need to hash out all the details or re-live any old trauma. 

I am looking for a clear idea of what the problem is, how this causes issues in your life now and very importantly, what emotions are attached to that for you.

ie, does it hold a lot of anger, sadness, guilt, shame etc

I will also be looking for any limiting beliefs you hold (these are beliefs about yourself or life that are not doing you any favours.)

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Your Second Session

This is usually where the 'weird' stuff happens. 

Having explained hypnotherapy in our first session you will be feeling excited and confident to get started.

You'll simply relax in the chair or on the couch as I read through the Timeline script.

You will then use your imagination to travel along your timeline and retrieve the information needed to allow you to let go of that old stuck emotion.

You can not do it wrong. How it shows up for you is perfect.

"That is so weird, I can't feel any sadness. Where has it gone?"

The benefits of Timeline Therapy:

  • You can let go of old stuck emotions quickly
  • You will feel differently after having it done, often lighter the next day
  • You do not need to talk over past events to get results
  •  Deep long-lasting changes happen at the unconscious level, and this is the level we work with
  • You are in full control and aware of everything going on at all times.

How Else Can Timeline Support Me?

Once you have eliminated past negative emotions you are then free to work on any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and we can even go forward into the future and drop some good stuff into that timeline.  

Timeline is a great little tool to quickly clean up any little ( or big ) problem that pops up along life's journey.

Is Timeline Hypnotherapy?

Timeline is similar to hypnotherapy with respect to we are talking to the unconscious mind as opposed to talk therapy, where we mainly talk with the conscious, more logical mind.

You are not in a deep trance, but you can choose to have a short hypnotic script first if you feel you need it to relax enough to access the subconscious mind. 

During your session, you can choose to be sat in the chair or lay on the couch. You are aware of what is happening the whole time and unlike what you see on TV, you will be in full control 

Hypnotherapy is you allowing yourself to be suggested to. So if I say "Relax your arms, you choose to relax your arms, I can only suggest. So if I suggest you float along your timeline or open your mind, you choose if you follow those instrustions.

This is why the only thing you need for timeline and hypnotherapt to be a success is to want it to work.

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Fears and Phobias

Hypnotherapy and Timeline are great for one off phobias! Think about this, when you are born you only have 2 fears, the fear of falling and loud noise. Hence the test where the 'pretend' to drop the baby and see their arms fling out.

This means that ALL other fears have been created along the way. 

This is good news, because if you can learn a phobia you can unlearn it.

A one off phobia can usually be addressed in one or two sessions taking roughly 45 minutes. You only need to book back in if you notice a new part to the phobia that maybe you didn't notice before, or if you realise the phobia is part of a wider spread anxiety.

Generalised anxiety can take a few more sessions as there are often other emotions involved, along with some unhelpful beliefs about yourself or the world around you. 

This can still be addressed in often as little as 4-6 sessions depending on each clients concerns and how ready thgey are to move on.  

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What my clients are saying

Real people real results 

(the pictures aren't real, just the testimonials)

Amanda Mallet

My experience with Tammy yesterday was to explore Timeline therapy.

I’ve recommended Tammy to a few people previously, because she has great empathy for helping others complete their full potential.

Tammy has a very calming approach that puts you at ease from the moment you arrive. I didn’t know what to expect from this therapy, but hoped it would work alongside traditional counselling methods.

We explored anger and sadness during our session, which was both emotional and draining in the moment. However within a couple of hours I felt much lighter and calm. I felt I’d left the feelings associated with past events in Tammy’s consultation room, with a change in mindset to deal with things differently.

I would certainly recommend this therapy to anyone even if you don’t think you need it. I’m looking forward to exploring this more in the future. Thank you Tammy.

Kerri Russell

I made a booking with Tammy for timeline therapy as I felt there were issues needed resolving in my past.

As always Tammy made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I was able to be completely vulnerable and there was a breakthrough
I saw progress after one session with Tammy.

I would recommend timeline therapy but not just with anyone, definitely with Tammy.

Lindsay R

I have worked with Tammy on several occasions and she has such a gentle, calming nature and immediately puts you at ease.

She is a master at what she does, having walked the walk, so you know it comes from a place of genuine understanding.

I had timeline therapy with Tammy on this occasion and it was so powerful. I was able to completely relax putting full trust both in her and in the process.

We looked at sadness and anger in this session, dealing with grief, and it really has helped. I've already booked in another session for a couple of weeks time to work on fear.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tammy, you won't be disappointed

Looking after yourself emotionally often means you are in a better place physically too. Take time to look after yourself and you will create a positive ripple effect all around you.

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*Cancellation Policy

A non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time of booking to secure your spot. Your appointment can be moved via the booking app up to 48 hours before your appointment, after that the deposit will be kept for any missed appointment. 

In the case of pre-paid courses, any missed or cancelled appointment within 48 hours will result in that session being lost.

This policy is there for you as well as me. Putting your needs first can be incredibly hard and so it is easy to back out or put someone else first. Hopefully knowing you will lose money may be enough for you to prioritise yourself or give you a good reason to say no to others if they want your time.

To change your appointment before the 48 hours simply go to the link on your reminder text or message me directly.