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A Different Technique Than What is Available via NHS

This is a very different technique than what is available via NHS counselling - but far more effective. CBT focuses on learning to live with your anxieties whereas Tammy's sessions identify and eradicate the root cause of why you may be struggling. I would recommend Tammy's therapeutic services, highly.
- June 2024

Talk Therapy for Old Emotions and Beliefs

Tammy provides such a calm, insightful and professional service that it’s hard to believe that she, herself, has struggled with anxiety and low self-confidence.
It is that knowledge, understanding and empathy that sets Tammy apart and above and I would recommend her without hesitation for any concerns around self-esteem, body image or any other anxiety-related issues.
Don’t put off taking care of yourself, just do it… you’ll be in safe, compassionate and professional hands with Tammy.
- May 2024

Timeline Therapy for Positive Changes

My experience with Tammy yesterday was to explore Timeline therapy. I’ve recommended Tammy to a few people previously because she has great empathy for helping others complete their full potential.
Tammy has a very calming approach that puts you at ease from the moment you arrive. I didn’t know what to expect from this therapy, but hoped it would work alongside traditional counselling methods.  We explored anger and sadness during our session, which was both emotional and draining in the moment. However within a couple of hours I felt much lighter and calm.
I felt I’d left the feelings associated with past events in Tammy’s consultation room, with a change in mindset to deal with things differently. I would certainly recommend this therapy to anyone even if you don’t think you need it. I’m looking forward to exploring this more in the future. Thank you Tammy.

Anxiety & Panic Individual 6 Week Course

Tammy is fantastic and I can't recommend her services enough!
She helped get to the root cause of anxiety rather than learning to live with it.

She is really friendly, and welcoming and holds such a safe space for people to heal and embrace life.

If you are sick of CBT, look no further.
- May 2024

Anxiety Support For Men

Making the initial contact and seeking help was extremely difficult, but as soon as I spoke to Tammy on the phone she put me at ease.
When visiting for the sessions she was very professional and made it so much easier to be able to share my story to help me get back on track with the anxiety and would definitely recommend to anyone who was looking to seek help for themselves.
- May 2024

Timeline Therapy

I have worked with Tammy on several occasions and she has such a gentle, calming nature and immediately puts you at ease. She is a master at what she does, having walked the walk, so you know it comes from a place of genuine understanding. I had timeline therapy with Tammy on this occasion and it was so powerful.

I was able to completely relax putting full trust both in her and in the process. We looked at sadness and anger in this session, dealing with grief, and it really has helped. I've already booked in another session for a couple of weeks time to work on fear.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tammy, you won't be disappointed.

Timeline Therapy

I made a booking with Tammy for timeline therapy as I felt there were issues needed resolving in my past. As always Tammy made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I was able to be completely vulnerable and there was a breakthrough.I saw progress after one session with Tammy. I would recommend timeline therapy but not just with anyone, definitely with Tammy.

Timeline Therapy

Wow! I’ve just had the most amazing Timeline therapy session with Tammy.
She helped me release old stuck emotions that have been holding me back in life and relationships.
Tammy is an incredibly warm, compassionate and skilled professional. I highly recommend her to help with whatever issues you may be facing.

Timeline Therapy

I had a lovely session with Tammy. I was unsure what to expect, but Tammy explained everything really clearly. I felt safe and comfortable with her. She asked me questions and really listened to my thoughts and feelings. By the time the session was finished, I was feeling much more relaxed. I'm looking forward to the next one. I highly recommend her.

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Facial Therapy for New Mum

Today I had my second facial therapy session with Tammy and would definitely recommend it.

Tammy has such a calming aura and is so easy to talk to. I left feeling revitalised and refreshed with a clearer mind. Thank you Tammy see you next time!

- May 202

Facial Therapy, Non-Surgical Face Lift for Busy Business Mum 

I had an amazing facial therapy from Tammy. I felt immediately at ease and like I was talking to a long-term friend where the conversation just flowed.

I didn't have to talk about anything deep or how I was feeling and it was mainly talking about how my business was going. Tammy was also giving me advice which was fab.

The conversation stopped for a while as I drifted into relaxation and nearly fell asleep with different treatments which was so calming. Tammy uses a range of creams and tools to provide a high-quality facial.

I felt it was a safe space for me to talk about what I wanted as the treatment room was away from the main house. Can’t wait to return for a chat and clearer skin. Thank you Tammy!

Self-Care Facial Therapy

Tammy’s facial therapies with radio frequency facial lifts are absolutely amazing. My skin felt lovely and smooth and I could see a visible reduction in wrinkles.

Not only did I leave with beautiful skin but feeling lighter after talking through some worries.

Tools to Regulate Emotions and Reduce Freeze and Procrastination

I approached Tammy to help me with some tools to help regulate my emotions.

For example, when I feel a negative emotion, I freeze up and don't really know what to do next - it seems to swamp me.

Rather than simply give me the tools/techniques (which she did as well) she helped me to get to the bottom of why I felt that way.

We got to the root cause of why I felt this way.

I feel much lighter now and able to handle the next strong emotion that I have.

Thank you Tammy x

- May 2024

Confidence for Uni Exams

Tammy gave me such an amazing session to help me build my confidence, and how to feel less anxious when needing to do presentations at university. We went through great tools to help me achieve this and these tools can be apppied to literally all aspects in life.

The session was just so helpful and for anyone struggling with their confidence whether it’s with school, or in general then a book a session with Tammy. I highly recommend it, it really is so worth it!!!

One Off Plan to Reduce Meltdowns

After a major anxiety meltdown, I was so grateful Tammy was able to fit me in for a session so quickly, and she really put me at ease immediately. Anxiety is such a difficult thing to deal with, but Tammy was kind, compassionate and I felt safe and supported in her presence.

She listened to everything I had to say and then helped me make a really simple plan, with easy achievable steps to feel more in control and calmer, while still getting done what I absolutely need to.

She also gave me a lot of ‘lightbulb moments’ to help me work out how to manage my anxiety better-I’ve been dealing with a difficult situation and so my normally well controlled anxiety has spiralled out of control, but I feel really hopeful now, and much much calmer.

Thank you so so much Tammy, you’ve really helped me a lot xx

Real People, Real Results

If you are unsure which service is right for you, book your complimentary call.

Hypnotherapy Facial for Relaxation

I  recently had a hypnotherapy facial with Tammy focusing on relaxation. All I can say is that it left me feeling very calm and happy. During the appointment my worries just did not exist as you are in your own little world. I felt safe and still very much in control of my thoughts & body, but you need to allow yourself to let go and immerse your mind in the experience.
I have already booked another session but this time I will be focusing on specific issues that Tammy can help me with. I highly recommend trying hypnotherapy facials with Tammy!
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1-1 Coaching

Tammy is a coach like no other! She genuinely cares that her clients gets the results she knows they are capable of.

4 months ago I had a head full of ideas but lacked the confidence to follow through with them. Since working with Tammy my business has seen huge growth, I've refound my confidence and feel happy.

1-1 Coaching

I’ve known Tammy for about a year now! She has an amazing ability to see solution in the midst of confusion or stress.

After speaking her keen insight into your situation you’ll feel motivated to take necessary steps towards your goals.

As an author, Speaker & Life Coach, working with her, you’ll feel informed, loved & inspired. I highly recommend Tammy!

1-1 Coaching

Fantastic! Tammy is brilliant and always makes you feel so welcome. Really recommend her 1-1  courses. Thank you.


1-1 Coaching

Wow! Tammy just:

a) gave me confidence in my business idea 

b) gave me ideas as to how I can bring my idea to life and

c) backed up her ideas with sound, professional advice.

An amazing advocate for women, business and anyone with a dream. Thank you so much. Incredible. X

Group Workshop

Tammy has been working in collaboration with myself at Buckingamshire Mind providing workshops for our members and service users since April this year.

Her workshops are fun, interactive and have a relatable factor you can always apply to better yourself or your situation. They have been making a real impact and you can see the progress within our groups. It's vital work thats much needed within the community.

Group Workshops

Tammy and I both work in the Happiness arena, I found her by accident and approached her by email asking if she'd like to collaborate on our Happiness Festival. She said yes without hesitation and kindly gifted her time.

Her workshop was a great success with attendees asking for more. Tammy is now a regular presenter for Slough Happiness Collective and we are lucky to have her.

Group Workshops

Tammy has helped me to change my whole mindset on life, she's motivating positive and realistic!

I've attended Tammys workshops and can honestly say I have benefited not only myself but my family, my relationships with my partner and son are so much stronger. Thank you so much!

Timeline Therapy

I had a lovely session with Tammy. I was unsure what to expect, but Tammy explained everything really clearly. I felt safe and comfortable with her.She asked me questions and really listened to my thoughts and feelings. By the time the session was finished I was feeling much more relaxed. I'm looking forward to the next one. I highly recommend her.

Anxiety Assessment

Tammy made me feel very at ease at my assessment and comfortable to talk honestly. Tammy understood and identified the help I needed.

Anxiety Assessment

The assessment process was great, it was carried out in a very relaxing environment. My daughter was very nervous at the beginning and Tammy made her feel very comfortable. Tammy explained the process and provided her assessment via email.