Calming Body and Mind with Skin Care and Supplements

Giving you the tools to help yourself

Although I love seeing you I also love knowing that I have given you the skills and tools to look after yourself.

I've got you until you've got you.

 With so many different products and solutions out on the market, it can feel very much like you are always being sold at. No one likes being told what to do.

Here in my treatment room, I have a range of 'solutions' which have been carefully sourced for their effectiveness and are here if I feel you would benefit.

In order to calm our body and mind, we need to tackle the inside and the outside as sometimes if our body is not working effectively it can cause anxiety, stress and illness. Supplements and products can be a very useful aid if used correctly and as an addition, not a super cure.


Effective and Affordable

Because my concern is your results I am not attached to one brand, I will happily recommend anything I believe is right for you. But I can not stock multiple brands in my treatment room or link every one of them here, so these are the top two that you will see in my room and that I use myself.

Temple Spa is a simply beautiful range with smells that are out of this world! Their unique blends will instantly calm your mind and with products like Repose which send you off to sleep feeling relaxed and beautiful, they are perfect for calming your body and mind whilst also delivering outstanding skincare benefits.

You can see the whole range here. If you are not sure what you should use you can book in for a free 15 minute consultation or book a mini facial and try the products before you buy.

Visit Temple Spa


Inner Wellness

Having recently learnt I am experiencing the menopause I know only too well how our hormones and inner wellbeing can affect our mental health. Joints, aches and pains as well as anxiety and mood swings are all a big part of any hormonal change in our body.

Regardless to hormonal changes our bodies need good nutrition to function well and Rejuventated offer just that. Initially being attracted to them for their award winning collagen drink they have now expanded their range and offer some amazing products to help with a range of concerns. My client's favourite is the hydrating formula which seems to work within days of drinking it! 

I stock some of the products in my treatment room, you can order direct from them or ask me to buy something in for you with my next order.

Visit their website here.